Introduction to the   Universal E-Track System

What is the E-Track system?

The E-Track system is an ingenious way of tying down cargo. Simple and versatile, the E-Track system provides strong securement in a most convenient way. Anchor E-Track straps and hooks easily by simply inserting their E-Track spring fitting into an E-Track rail.

Where do I install E-Track?

E-Track rails and singles can be bolted down easily in wooden or metal floors and walls of trucks, trailers, flatbeds and pickups, docks and marinas, boats, warehouses and garages, and any other place tie-downs might be needed.

How do I use E-Track tie-downs?

Once your E-Track is installed, the rest is easy. Any strap, anchor, ring, load bar shoring beam, or other tie-down with an E-Track spring fitting can be inserted. Simply clip the spring-fitting lever at the end of the E-Track tie-down.

What are the benefits of using E-Tracks for tie-downs?

The E-Track system provides you with so many options. Its universality means you need fewer tie-downs because they can all be easily used in the same tracks and you don’t need to worry about choosing the correct hooks to fit into the correct rings or bolt eyes.

E-Track rails have anchor slots every 2”, so you can position your tie-downs perfectly each time you haul. No need to tighten and retighten straps, simply choose different tie-down spots as needed.

Spring fittings are so much simpler and faster than tying ropes and cables and securing with zip ties or duct tape.

Once your E-Track is mounted, you can create customizable decking beams, cabinets, straps, racks, and other tie-down systems to your liking, or use one of the hundreds of tie-downs and accessories available. (Check out our E-Track Accessory Guide for some great options.)

Horizontal E-Track

Horizontal E-Tracks are easy and flexible. Once mounted, they can be used for any variety of cargo securement uses. Horizontal E-Track rails are available in galvanized and powder-coated options, in lengths of 2’, 4’, 5’, and 8’. For 10’, call us directly.

Vertical E-Track

Vertical E-Track can be used for all the same things as horizontal but they are ideal for the use of cargo bars and shoring beams. Place two on opposite parallel walls (be careful to place them so the slots are at equal heights) and you can secure shoring beams that have E-fittings or are inserted into E-Track wood beam brackets.

Vertical E-Track rails are available in galvanized and powder-coated 5’ rails and powder-coated 8’ rails as well.

Mini E-Track Plate

This E-Track plate has all the benefits of standard E-Track rails but with added benefits of flexibility. It can be horizontal or vertical, depending on your chosen placement. It’s small enough to be inserted on pickup tailgates and corners or added to the end of existing rails.

A truly versatile piece of tie-down!

Single E-Track Slot

Even smaller than the mini plate, this single slot is just that - one slot for that one tie-down anchor you need. Made with the same quality workmanship and materials as the rest of the E-Track, this slot is the ultimate in convenience and accommodation.

Available in a 4-pack of black powder-coated steel slots and a 4-pack of galvanized steel slots.

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