The Complete Guide to  E-Track Kits

Whether you’re ready to outfit your trailer with E-Track or want to expand your existing setup, E-Track kits are a great way to go.

  1. They're based on user feedback, so you get what you need without all the trial and error.
  2. They make outfitting a trailer a one-click shopping experience, so you don’t need to build out your set-up piece by piece.
  3. They’re priced to offer great value compared to buying each component separately. And, they ship free of charge.

Please note: Fasteners are not included since they vary according to the mounting surface. For help in choosing fasteners, please see our E-Track installation guide.)

E-Track Ratchet Strap Kits

Need to tie down moving boxes, furniture, landscaping equipment or oil drums? These kits let you secure heavy cargo in your truck, trailer, or warehouse using E-Track ratchet straps.

They’re also extremely popular for securing ATV’s, UTV’s, tractors and quads. Tie down your vehicle’s tires, and no worries about anything moving while running down the road in your toyhauler.

Kit Options:

Black rails (5HETP4KIT2, 5HETP4KIT5)
Galvanized rails (5HETZ4KIT2, 5HETZKIT5)
No rails - accessories only (ETAK-3)

E-Track Anchor Point Kits

Set up your box truck, enclosed trailer, or trailer bed to haul anything! These kits let you enjoy the E-Track system - while using your existing straps, bungee cords, or ropes as tie downs.

Industrial-grade accessories can handle heavy, awkward loads. And they move easily from one E-Track slot to another, so you always have a reliable tie-down spot where you need one.

Kit Options:

Black rails (8PHET4K, 5HETP8K, 5HETP4KIT10)
Galvanized rails (8ZHET4K, 5HETZ4K, 5HETZ8K)
No rails - accessories only (ETAK-1, ETAK-4, ETAK-5, ETAK-6, KIT48108)

E-Track Motorcycle Kits

Ensure maximum safety and care for your bike with E-Track motorcycle kits. Nothing scratches your chrome. And you get the perfect tie-down position every time you haul.

These kits are also great for tying down kayaks, mowers, tillers, and any other cargo that requires strong, yet gentle hauling.

Kit Options:

Snap-Hook Strap Kits (MCK-1, MCK-7)
S-Hook Strap Kits (5HETP4KIT11, ETAK-8)

E-Track Organization and Storage Kits

Recently, E-Track has gained popularity as a storage and organization system for enclosed trailers, home garages, warehouses, barns, and sheds

Keep your tools and equipment off the floor, accessible, and neat. These industrial-strength kits include everything you need to organize your stuff on the road, at home, or on the job.

Kit Options:

Black rails - (5HETP2KIT1, 5HETP4KIT9, 5HETP4KIT12)
Galvanized rails - (5HETZ2KIT1)
No rails - accessories only - (ETAK-2)

E-Track Shelving Kit

Need more room in your trailer? The E-Track Shelving Kit is a great way to maximize valuable trailer space. Use it to create shelves in your box truck or cargo trailer. You can also create false attics, cargo bars, or beds.

Insert a standard 2x4 piece of lumber between the sockets to create a bar. Then place a piece of plywood over two bars to create a shelf.

E-Track Landscaper's Kit

Landscapers love using E-Track to organize their landscape trailers. Various size hooks and tool holders hold long-handled tools and blowers so they’re secure and accessible.

Our landscaping kit was created by an experienced landscaper who shared with us the setup and accessories that worked for him.

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