93"-102" E-Track Shoring Beam Cargo Bar For Trailer, Aluminum

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  • Strong aluminum construction secures loads of all sizes
  • Clicks into E-Track rails for easy and secure mounting
  • Adjustable Length: 93" - 102". WLL: 2000 lb.
  • See more details in specs

Adjustable Length 93" - 102"
Width 3.24"
Depth 2.62"
Color Silver
Material Aluminum
WLL (lb.) 2000
ABS (lb.) 6000
Mounting style E-Track
Length 96" - 102"
Quantity 1

E-TrackShoring Beam Load Lock

Tough driving conditions can cause severe damage to unsecured cargo shifting in your enclosed van or trailer. It is imperative that you use high-quality, durable trailer tie-downs to keep your loads safe. E-Track shoring beams are reliable and resilient.

Once two E tracks are mounted on opposite walls of your vehicle, using these E-Track cargo bars is a snap. The load bars have E fittings on both ends and with the simple press of their levers, can be inserted into or removed from slots on E tracks. It is best to use them with vertical E-Track rails so that you can place the bars at various heights, depending on the need, but horizontal tracks will do a fine job as well. In addition, load bars can be clipped into various spots on horizontal E tracks to create additional levels for cargo stowage.

Adjustable 93" - 102" E-TrackCargo Bar Tie-Down

These E-Track cargo bar shoring beams are made of aluminum, making them lighter than steel load locks. They are heavy-duty and extendable from 93" to 102", allowing them to accommodate many size trailers and vans. They have an assembly break strength of 6,000 lb. and a working load limit of 2,000 lb. Also comes in the heavy-duty version, with an assembly break strength of 9,000 lb. and a working load limit of 3,000 lb. We also offer 85" - 96" long standard and heavy duties. If you choose to operate without trailer tie-down track systems, see our selection of suctioning cargo load bars.

As with all of our E-Track products, these shoring beams are also compatible with A tracks.

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