E-Track Storage Bag For Trailers


Material: Vinyl
Sale price$18.99
  • Heavy duty bag easily holds up to 50 lb.
  • Zippered closure
  • Extra large dimensions: 14" tall x 2 ft. wide
  • See more details in specs

Height 14"
Color Black
Material Vinyl
Weight Capacity 50 lb.
Mounting style E-Track
Length 24"
Quantity 1

Features Of Trailer Storage Bag With E-Track Spring Fitting Attachments

When you travel with cargo, you're bound to have straps, cords, tools, and other cargo fittings lying about your truck or trailer. You'll probably also have personal items such as jackets, hats, sunglasses, etc. hanging around. But loose articles can present a safety hazard in case of an accident, when they could become harmful shrapnel. In addition, disorganized items can lead to chaos and reduce the efficiency of your operation.

How about using a storage bag that gets clipped onto the E or A track you already have installed in the back of your truck or trailer?

The trailer E-Track storage bag is exactly what you need for stowing cargo accessories such as ratchet straps and small equipment as well as personal paraphernalia like hats and drinks. It's hardy and won't get damaged when exposed to extreme weather or bumpy roads. It's also portable so you can bring it to the cab for lunch, then clip it back onto the E-Track for the rest of the drive. Best of all, the bag does not require any installation. All you need to do is click the E-Track spring fittings and clip the bag onto the E-Track for a built-in storage center.

Durable Vinyl E-Track Cargo Storage Bag Specs

The storage bag comes outfitted with E-Track fittings already sewn onto the bag so you just clip the fittings into two slots on your horizontal E or A track. The bag is made of durable black vinyl material with DC Cargo Mall's logo, is 14" high and 24" wide, and has a maximum weight of 50 lb., giving it plenty of room and capability to stow everything you need for the ride. The E-Track storage bag weighs just 1.2 lb. and can be easily unclipped and carried from one vehicle to the next

Products with E-Track fittings are compatible with A tracks as well.

California Residents: WARNING