2" E-Track Cam Strap Tie-Down


Strap Length: 12' Yellow
Sale price$7.99
  • Industrial-strength polyester webbing can hold any load
  • Tightens with durable Cam Buckle buckle
  • See more details in specs

Width 2"
Color (Depends on length)
Material Polyester
WLL (lb.) 833
ABS (lb.) 2500
Webbing Break Strength (lb.) 6000
Mounting style E-Track
Strap Type Cam Buckle
End Fitting E-Track
Fixed End Length 4'
Length 12'
Quantity 1

When you hold cargo in your truck or trailer, you need a guarantee that the load will stay in one place and remain undamaged. These value cargo straps have reliable restraining capabilities, high work load limits, adjustable webbing lengths, and ease of use. They can secure loads of nearly every size and shape in any position. Our logistic straps are made of a durable polyester that can handle extreme temperatures and hold up against UV rays. The durable polyester webbing will not retain water or stretch when wet, making them resistant to mildew and rot.

Cam buckle straps have two advantages over ratchet straps. They can be maneuvered with one hand - just a press of a lever to pull the strap tight or loose. Cam buckles are less aggressive than ratchets so they are the optimal protection for the securement of light and fragile loads such as motorcycles, bikes, and ATVs.

Cam Buckle Tie-Down Straps With Grey Polyester Webbing

Cam buckle straps are softer on cargo than their ratcheting counterparts and easier to control with one hand - the lever gets pressed while the strap is slowly pulled loose or tight. Therefore, many people prefer cam straps over ratchet strap when it comes to securing bikes, motorcycles, ATVs, and other valuable loads on their trailers or trucks.

Securing Cargo With E-Track Cam Buckle Tie-Down Strap

The E-Track rail system is versatile and durable and once it is mounted in your trailer, using E-Track tie-down straps to secure your load is fast, simple, and efficient.

To secure a cargo load with this cam buckle E-Track strap, clip the E fitting at one end of the strap into a slot on the E-Track rail. Wound the strap around the load and snap the E fitting at the other end of the strap into another slot on the rail, or alternatively, into the slot of another rail, clamping the cargo against the wall. To adjust the length until the strap is leaning tightly against the load, turn the cam buckle over and thread the webbing through while pressing the thumb release; pull the strap to the desired length and let go of the thumb release. To loosen the strap, press the lever on the buckle and slide the strap out.

This strap is available in lengths of 12' , 16' and 20'. Customization as far as length of strap, length of end fitting, and end fitting is available - just contact us.

Adjusting A Cargo Tie-Down Strap Length With The Cam Buckle

As opposed to ratchets, cam buckles are easy to control with one hand - the lever gets pressed while the strap is slowly pulled loose or tight. It is advisable to use cam buckle straps for tying down open or fragile freight, such as motorcycles and insulation.

Turn the cam buckle over and thread the webbing back through while pressing the thumb release. Pull the strap to your desired tension and tightness around your load and then let go of the thumb release. To loosen, press the thumb button on the buckle and pull the strap.


How To Use E-Track Cam Buckle Straps

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