2" X 20' E-Track Ratchet Strap Tie Down, Blue, 4 Pack

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  • Secure any load with these heavy duty 20' straps that snap right into E-Track rails
  • Tightens with durable Ratchet buckle
  • Length: 20' WLL: 1000 lbs. Multipack. Quantity: 4
  • See more details in specs

Width 2"
Color Blue
Material Polyester
WLL (lb.) 1000
ABS (lb.) 3000
Webbing Break Strength (lb.) 6000
Strap Type Ratchet
End Fitting E-Track
Fixed End Length 4'
Length 20'
Quantity 4

The longest E-Track ratchet straps you'll ever need are right here. 20 feet of bright blue webbing harnesses your heaviest loads and easily holds those lighter packages without a hitch. The hefty ratchets on these blue E-Track straps allow for strong leverage control making loosening and tightening your straps a simple feat. These long E-Track straps are intended to be used with E-Track rails installed on the walls or floor of your flatbed or interior van trailer.

Our E-Track ratchet straps are color coded by size to make finding the strap you need a quicker task. We carry this 2 inch E-T track ratchet strap with spring E fitting in three lengths. The most petite is the 12 foot strap, the go-to for more buoyant loads. The 16 foot E-Track ratchet strap boasts a higher capacity still. This 20 footer is a favorite due to its long length and high working load limit.

These E-Track straps are made of polyester webbing for safety, longevity, and rough hauling. These polyester tie down straps are made with moisture rebuffing technology so rotting, mildew, and mold are not an issue. The firm webbing will not shrink due to high temperature or extreme heat. The usual burn of most acids or UV rays will find this tough strap unaffected, so these trusty straps can keep you quality company for a good while.

How To Use These Ratcheting Tie-Down Straps With The Spring E Fittings

Once you've found the perfect strap match to your load, sling it over your cargo and connect each end fitting into the provided holes of your E-Track. Built with exact measurements, this spring e end piece fits like a glove into your E-Track rail. Installing and removing is easy - pushing this piece into the crevice will elicit a satisfying click, and the tiny lever only needs a pull upwards for removal.

The ratchet handle on your strap allows you to adjust the size as needed. Pump the lever to tighten and pull on the strap to test its required immobility. If you need the strap to loosen, tug it upwards with a click and then slide the strap out as necessary. If you want your strap length to be even easier to adjust, try our E-Track straps with cam buckles instead. They are not as heftily built but will get the job done if you require a less aggressive Tie- Down option.

In addition to strapping down freight to the floor of your trailer, e-track straps can help you secure loads up against your enclosed trailer wall as well.


How To Use E-Track Ratchet Straps

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