2" X 12' E-Track Ratchet Straps, 4 Pack

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  • Secure any load with these heavy duty 12' straps that snap right into E-Track rails
  • Tightens with durable Ratchet buckle
  • Length: 12' WLL: 1000 lbs. Multipack. Quantity: 4
  • See more details in specs

Width 2"
Color Yellow
Material Polyester
WLL (lb.) 1000
ABS (lb.) 3000
Webbing Break Strength (lb.) 6000
Strap Type Ratchet
End Fitting E-Track
Fixed End Length 4'
Length 12'
Quantity 4

These E-Track straps with spring E fittings smoothly clicks into the slots of your E-Track rails along the walls or floor of your flatbed or interior van. The versatile ratchets allows you to adjust the length of the tie-down strap. Tighten or loosen these E-Track straps up to a maximum length of 12 feet as the size of your loads and their tie-down requirements fluctuate, providing security to cargo that could otherwise shift and cause havoc.

These E-Track straps are 2 inches wide and 12 feet long. All of our 12 foot E-Track straps are made with yellow polyester webbing, part of a convenient color coding system.

The durable polyester webbing guarantees your e-track tie-down strap will not shrink from high heat with a tensing reaction. It will not rot, or collect mildew or mold. This material even holds up against UV rays and a handful of acids. Rest assured, your load sits in a safe hug you can trust.

How To Use This E-TrackTie Down Strap With The Spring E Fitting

DC Cargo Mall has ratchet straps with many types of end fittings. In this case, the steel spring e fitting is designed to click effortlessly into the e track. It clicks in as a reaction to your push and requires only a lift up on a tiny lever to remove.

To secure items flat up against the wall of your trailer, connect the end fitting of this strap to the E-Track on the left side of the cargo you want to secure. Wrap the strap around your cargo, and lock the other end fitting into an e-track slot on the right side. To prevent items from shifting from the back to the front of your trailer, hook one end of the E-Track strap into the left wall of your trailer and attach the other end on the opposite wall. This creates a barrier that runs perpendicular to your trailer walls.

You will likely have slack on the strap that you need to tighten up. That's what the ratchet is for. This heavy duty attachment stands proud and heavy against its lighter and sleek neighbor, the cam buckle. To adjust the length of your strap, pull on the top clasp to let the strap loose, then grab the ratchet handle and crank up and down to tighten.


How To Use E-Track Ratchet Straps

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